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What Type Are You?

Design firm Pentagram created the What Type Are You quiz to match up your personality with a typeface. I like fonts! I loved the doc Helvetica, I still own one issue of Ray Gun magazine (actually Ray Gun deserves a whole post, look it up!)  and I used to calligraphy as a kid! Sign me up! After four questions I was matched up with the Dot Matrix font.  Although not exactly a font I find aesthetically pleasing-I suppose I can relate to it in terms of the obsession of dots and the four-colour print process use in some of my artwork.
Here is what I learned about myself according to this quiz:
" If you live in and live for the now, now, now, and are not bothered about the why, why, why and not concerned about the how, how, how; then dot matrix is your type."
If only I was that laissez-faire!
Now it's your turn: what type are you?