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A New Suit

Some of my favorite words are: "Mel, can you come shopping with me?"

To this, I am most happy to oblige, especially for the male contingent.  Don't get me wrong, women's apparel is varied, exciting and made up of infinite combinations, but most menswear for the non-fashion risk-taking set has more conservative parameters and conventions that I think are fun to work within.  Did I mention that I love menswear?  Enter Mark: a multi-talented artist, makeup/special effects guru, and a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.  The time had come for Mark to replace the dormant and ill-fitting suit in his closet.  This was our mission and I'm a sucker for men in suits.

While we had planned on multiple stops for our shopping spree, our first destination proved to be a winner.  We went to Michel Brisson and quickly honed in on Tiger of Sweden for their slim cuts and budget friendliness.  Mark went from skinny jeans, converse, black jacket and tuque combo (one of my personal favorite day uniforms) to navy/black suit with a subtle plaid pattern, grey Filippa K shirt and black Tiger tie.  Shazam!  Oh and of course we tried the suit jacket with Mark's checkered shirt and black jeans-and as we say in Quebec: C'est winner!