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Knit Graffiti

I might be a little late to this party but I have taken note of knit graffiti or yarnbombing lately which seems to have surfaced in the US around 2005 with the group Knitta Please.  As my sources are wikipedia, I am learning as I search around the internet.

The top image is what sparked my "what is this?" curiosity. It is of a lamp post on Wellington street in Verdun, around June of this year.  The second image-also from this summer-is a knit bicycle outside of the Acne Studio in Soho in New York.  If you check out the google map, you can see the bicycle outside their door! A couple of internet searches led me to make the assumption that this bicycle is by the knit artist Olek.  There is some intricate and awesome work; can I have a knit one-piece please?
The last image is of a bicycle rack on St-Viateur in the mile end.  If anyone knows who the Montreal knitters are, I'd love to learn who they are!