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Cabane à Sucre

That week of kooky summer weather was awesome! But now we have returned to more "normal" spring-like conditions for which we leave a little heat on in the house, and I leave my snow tires on my car for the impending final snow dump of April.

To usher in the spring, team "fun all night long" decided that it was time to return to our childhood memories of Cabane à sucre, aka: the sugar shack.

Above are tapped maple trees, with no snow in sight affecting the Québecois tradition of tire sur la neige-which became tire sur la glace-not quite the same effect!  After the delicious maple snack we got ready for some fiddle music and a giant meal consisting of pea soup, tourtière (meat pie), and fèves au lard (baked beans) among other sinful dishes.

We randomly chose Sucrerie de la Montagne as our destination and were relieved that the food was pretty darn good.  We asked for more!  We ate it all!  (Well we left half a tarte au sucre-that was just too intense!!)  Oh man, the pancakes were SO GOOD!!!  And as randomness and the small world effect that seems to occur all the time should have it, our waiter was an acquaintance of the raver/junglist days of yore!  It's a small world indeed at the cabane à sucre.