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Paste Ups

I seem to have spotted a thematic of some paste-ups around town.  If you do recall, dear reader, the last post of this form of public image sharing, or graffiti if you will, had Batman and Robin contemplating: "what if art ruled the world?" 

Now is this a coincidence that I have found some more paste ups wondering the same thing?  Is it the same artist or an overriding theme?  With dominant concerns such as politics, economies and the environment, it is to be expected that artists will weigh in on the discussion in different ways.

This was a paste up that I spotted near Chabanel street; it features a pseudo-erotic Tony the Tiger armed with some paint and a paintbrush.  I assume it was Tony who wrote: "what if art ruled the world," but did he add the heart too?  Only Tony knows....

In the above paste up near Laurier street, a wolf checking out a sexy Betty Boop wonders too: "what if art ruled the world?"  Wait a that signed "with luv...Stikki Peaches?"