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Palm Springs, CA

Back from a four day (including travel) in-and-out work trip to Palm Springs, California. Yeah, that's right, not Florida-I didn't know either.  I'm laid up in bed with a West Coast cold (a bad one might I add) so I will share some sunny pics with you who are in northern snow like me.

Shall we?

Some of the team at LAX
See those clouds? That will be the last time I will see them for the next few days.

1. Instagram views of Palm Springs . 2. more Instagram 
3. Seemingly abandoned building 

1. Insanely cloud-free sky with palm trees
2. getting to work! taping some shoes 3. setting up next to the pool
4. golf ball at the bottom of the pool

1. poolside owl  2. poolside swans
3. beautiful grapefuit tree!

This was the first time I'd ever eaten grapefruit fresh from the tree-it smelled and tasted delicious.  Makes you think about what we are getting at the grocery store in winter time...

Here's one last look before we're back to snow: