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Jewels and Paper Flower

This is probably the girliest post title I have come up with lately.  But I have to admit my eyes glaze over when it comes to jewelery (ummm and shoes!)  While I don't wear many pieces I find myself always on the lookout.

This past week has been full of ohhhs and ahhhs towards visual stimuli.
I will share a little bit (with the use of Instagram) with you:
 The model was being shot from the waist up, so she kept her feet comfortable in her awesome Isabel Marant kicks.  There lies a giant paper flower.  Stunning!

My favourite piece of jewelry that gets daily wear is a Pearls Before Swine double ring.  On a shoot it made friends with a Pamela Love talon ring.  Are those Givenchy magnetic horn earrings? Just wow.

Just to add to the girly sweetness of this post, I share some dessert with you.  An almond and pear tart-miam!