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Lifetime Collective

I got to peruse the fall/winter12 collection of Lifetime Collective, a laid back west coast line with dotted with the street/skate/art collab vibe, if I may boil it down in a couple of words.  While there are snow tires are still on my car, here is a taste of next fall.
Above is a super cozy cable knit grandpa style cardigan and a detail of a knit motif that appeared in scarves and sweaters.

The jacket above was a my favourite piece from the men's line, on me it became an oversize shell that would be easy to layer with sweaters in the fall.  (I know it's not even summer yet! And we're talking about fall!)

A shot of some images in Lifetime Collective's zine.  Want to play the six degrees of Montreal connection? Ok, so the zine's launch party will take place at the HVW8 art + design gallery in LA. HVW8 (Heavyweight) was a crew of artists from Montreal that toured doing live art installations.  Bam! That was barely three degrees of separation!
Just for fun here's some vintage Heavyweight paraphernalia that I have kicking around:

Also in the showroom were the footwear from Generic Surplus, these spotted and floral beauties were an Obey collab, just hanging out with their zine.