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Cease Holiday Flea Market - Fresh Paint Gallery

"Better late than never," I said to Sterling Downey, the brains behinds the Under Pressure Fresh Paint pop-up gallery, as I walked into the space for the first time since it's opening in August of this year.  The gallery's semi-dilapidated charm was playing host to the multidisciplinary Arab Winter exhibit and the Cease Holiday Flea Market.  Scroll down, I'd like to share some art for sale with you.

Our favouritre art collective En Masse was representing with some prints documenting their awesome contribution to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Big Bang exhibit.

Other eye-catching prints at the sale were the graphic imagery (and jewelry!) by Curse of the Multiples, illustrations by Regimental Oneton, and vintage style pop art by Antoine Tavaglione. I did not leave empty-handed, as I picked up one of Antoine's prints for my flat-I will concentrate more on Christmas shopping soon enough...