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Snow and Colour

Will this be the snow that actually stays? I certainly hope not.  If we can keep going snow-less for awhile I will be most pleased.  While today was quite grey outside, (and probably will be for the next few months) I was on a shoot getting my vitamin D from some spring colours.

Wow, is that bright enough? I promise I did not change the saturation of this image.  Shazam! Instant pick-me up. Not surprisingly there is lots of brights for spring 2012 in fashion, nicely summed up in this Refinery29 slideshow.  Care to wager a guess as to what Pantone has named their colour of the year for 2012? Give up? Why it's Tangerine Tango, a rich orange hue that brings to mind a Montreal landmark: the Orange Julep! It's your year to shine!