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Le Cycle de La Boucherie

The same evening I met Tiger and Fox, I also met Vincent who casually mentioned he was a dancer in works choreographed by Dave St-Pierre.  Given St-Pierre's noteriety I decided there was no time like the present to finally see one of his works, le Cycle de la boucherie at La Chapelle. Above is one of the promotional stills by Anna Van Kooij which is quite descriptive of the content of the work. Designed to get a reaction from the audience the work features plenty of nudity, humiliation, ketchup, fake, blood and masturbation.  There were as many striking tableaux and imagery as much as there were squirmish moments.  Among our group opinions were split-I leaned more towards the positive, happy to see a piece of dance theater that gets the synapses going.

This piece brought back an old debate from art school: by critiquing/making a commentary or a point of contention on a certain topic within the medium this critique exists in-does one perpetuate this idea, therefore feed into it?