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Matryoshka Dolls

Tis the season for gift-giving guides online, in magazines and beyond. What to get for your mom, your dad, your super cool BFF, your babysitter, the hostess gifts, your dog, the woodsman etc.  These are all usually conveniently attached to links for where to buy-should you be online shopping.
I'd like to give my version of this guidance trend, with another trend in design, the matryoshka doll.

I saw these dolls at my friend Andrew's place, his girlfriend's sister had picked up this lovely set of nesting dolls in Russia. Apparently these get updated when a new president comes along.  In case you weren't sure, from left to right is: Putin, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Stalin and Lenin.  There's an Animal Farm reference here somewhere....

But on with the gift giving!
How about some art? Society6 has more images than you can sift through! A quick search of "nesting dolls"gave plenty of options.

My personal pick is Ariel Wilson's Haida Nesting dolls.  Native to British Columbia and Alaska, the Haida's imagery was popularly depicted with the use of Nike shoes by artist Brian Jungen.

This is the DrinkUP Babushka bedside carafe-her head becomes the drinking cup!  While I gave you a UK based link, I just saw this little lady at Zone (among with many other Matryoshka related items.)

For those who want a luxurious yet unobtrusive set of dolls, might I suggest the Maison Martin Margiela Russian Nesting Doll Set?

But at the end of the day, the real gift I'd like to suggest is right here.

Happy holidays!