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Without Limbs

Just another day at the office, as a model grabs a quick cat-nap during lunch on a shoot.  With her head and limbs obscured from view it called to mind several images in fashion, photography and art of seemingly missing or phantom limbs.

Above are images from the very first issue of AnOther Magazine,  published fall 2001 (I swear I'm not a pack rat!) shot by Richard Burbridge and styled by Sabina Schreder.  Now upon viewing the nude bodies I'd like to point you towards some photography sans limbs.  Follow me please.

This is the work of Bill Durgin a photographer whose work is composed of the distortion of the human body and of still lives (cephalopods and flowers-stunning!) or the combination of both.  The contortion of the bodies creates a disturbing effect as we search for their phantom limbs.  While we are on the topic of still lives, let us scroll down to the most famous pepper ever photographed.

Here we have Edward Weston's Pepper No.30, 1930, which has has a striking resemblance to a limbless nude body.  Weston is considered one of the most important photographers of the 20th century beginning his career in the early 1900s, he became known his detailed images, whether he was shooting still lives, nudes or landscapes.