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Dance This Way

This crazy GIF that I pieced together via an online animation tool, is composed of several stills of a group choreography at Circuit-Est's Bal moderne de noël.  I walked into the evening in the middle of this and it got me thinking of the existence of group choreography outside of a stage/show context. A Thriller flash mob anyone?

My apologies for the mediocre screen capture of the infamous Filipino dance prison.  This is a video I saw a couple of years ago and couldn't believe it was true, but yes, those are inmates performing the choreography to Micheal Jackson's Thriller

The above still is the opening title to the comedic performance art group Improv Everywhere's Food Court Musical. In the video sixteen undercover "agents" begin to sing and dance among unsuspecting mall diners- hilarity then ensues. I have been a lover of musical film and theater since pretty much forever and always have to nod empathetically whenever someone explains their disdain for the musical genre saying: "I totally understand that it's unrealistic to spontaneously sing and dance part of a narrative."  But thanks to these guys, they have almost made my musical fantasies into a reality.