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Kale! How I love thee!
I'd like to thank my mom for that day you introduced me to kale (sauteed with sausage, might I add, cochon!) This awesome green has become my go-to veggie for any and all cooking inspiration.

Here is my super simple easy-breezy kale salad recipe:
-a super awesome olive oil (I have one flavored with fennel seeds at home, deeeelish!)
-chili flakes
-redstar nutritional yeast (for extra tastiness and B12 for the vegans among us)


I like cooking it as well because it retains crunchiness, as opposed to spinach which can get borderline mushy.  The very entertaining Debbie Wong's Wok and Gong does an easy saute of dark greens and kale.
And while we're at it, I found a blog ALL ABOUT KALE, it's called 365 Days of Kale- high fives indeed. Bonne appetit!

I found through 365 Days of Kale, a small t-shirt business in Vermont called Eat More Kale.  They are currently being sued by a large chicken company who's slogan is "eat mor chikin" for the use of their intellectual property.   Read about the petition against corporate bullying.