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Snow and Mona Sharma

Head down, tuque, scarf, mitts, down jacket, hood, big boots.
We are now (sort of) ready to trudge into the depths of Quebec winter.  If you have read my previous posts on snow here and here, you can come to the safe conclusion that I am not a huge fan of winter and cold.
But alas, here we are again in the -20celcius department, onward we go!

While I was trying my best to tuck my head into my neck, two glowing blue portholes caught my eye.

Despite the cold, I felt compelled to examine articule's beckoning window installation. As I pressed my cold nose to the glass this is what I saw:

What I was looking at was a seascape of soft sculptures by Mona Sharma.  This dreamy yet brooding scene was fitting for a cold dark night.

Pleased to have stumbled on some art amidst the blustering weather, I walked away visually satiated and my nose just a little bit colder.