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One of Everything for the Boys

Good theatre, I hate to say this: is hard to come by.
I was relieved to say within the first five minutes of SideMart Theatrical Grocery's production of Whiteman's Whiskey Comedy Revue: One of Everything for the Boys, that this was awesome theatre!
They sing! They dance! They sure can act! And golly jeez they write their own material!
Created as a jazzy revue to entertain troops in a fictional land, the play is full of tongue in cheek witticisms including blatant sexism and racism of the days gone by- SideMart hits the nail on the head with just the right tone and balance of the faux-pas of yore.
Already critical darlings in the media, try to catch them while you can in small intimate venues like MainLine Theatre before they step up to the Centaur next spring, so you can say "Oh SideMart? I knew them back in the day!"